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G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit - in Toronto, Canada

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2010년 8월 6일


기업가정신 세계일주 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit의 공식 프로그램으로서

각 국가의 담당자들의 지원을 받으며 일주를 시작할 것이다.


2011년, 우리는 G20 in France 로 간다.

기업가정신 세계일주 중간발표를 할 예정이다.


아래는 캐나다 Financial Post의 기사

Read more: http://business.financialpost.com/2010/06/23/g20-youth-entrepreneur-summit-wraps-up-in-toronto/#ixzz0voDcNX8v


G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit wraps up in TorontoJohn Shmuel/National Post

John Shmuel/National Post

Industry Minister Tony Clement (far right), joins John Manley and the G20 delegation in signing a communiqué to be presented at the B20 Business Summit.

 June 23, 2010 – 12:03 pm

Bureaucracy continues to hamper Indian entrepreneurs. Japanese start ups face stiff competition from some of the world’s biggest corporations. Education in Canada isn’t fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. These were just some of the issues that over 200 delegates sat down to tackle during the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit the past two days.

Tuesday saw the delegates, joined by Canadian Industry Minister Tony Clement, sign a communiqué of suggested improvements that will help entrepreneurs in G20 countries. The communiqué will be passed on to the business leaders attending the B20 Business Summit, to be held on June 25-26. Delegates, as the picture above shows, celebrated its signing as a significant milestone for the two-day summit.

Besides the communiqué, an agreement was reached to create a “Young Entrepreneur Alliance”, a movement that will advocate for entrepreneurs around the world. The movement’s goal is to tackle issues like access to credit, education and support, in order to promote a global entrepreneurial culture.

It still remains to be seen what tangible results will actually come out of the summit. The G20 kicks off later this week, and entrepreneur grievances will certainly take a back seat to issues like the global economic recovery and nuclear proliferation.

The next youmg entrepreneur summit will be held in Nice, France in 2011. And we’ll certainly have a better idea of some of the positives that came out of this summit then.


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